Patient Reviews

Edward S says:

I was suffering from neck and back pain. It would sometimes interfere with my daily routine. I noticed relief after the first adjustment and continue to feel relief after each adjustment. I will recommend friends and family.

William W says:

I have been coming here for years. I was suffering from neck pain and back pain. I was always suffering from pain during my daily activities. After just a few visits I could already feel my pain was starting to go away.  I have recommended people here, even my wife comes now.

Antoinette C says:

I have been having neck pain and shoulder pain. I was recommended by my medical doctor to have Dr. Biggs look at the areas I was suffering from. This pain was interfering with me daily. After a week I could tell a difference in the pain and felt the pressure starting to ease up. I will recommend this office to all my friends and family. Also I enjoy working with Jenna and Dr. Biggs. Very friendly staff.

Edith S says:

I have been having low back pain for quite some time. I knew Dr. Arena and decided to go back for a visit for the pain I was suffering from. After a couple weeks my pain was almost gone. I have and will continue to recommend friends to this facility.

Juanita E says:

I was suffering from neck pain and shoulder pain and my symptoms were interfering with my daily routine. After beginning treatment, I felt relieve after only the second visit! I could sleep better and move around better. I would absolutely recommend others to this office.

Terri R. says:

I have spina bifida and was experiencing neck stiffness, low back pain, shoulder pain and sinus issues.  My symptoms were interfering with my daily routine and after only 3-4 visits I noticed improvement.  I could walk better and my sinuses were not so bad.  I would absolutely recommend Chiropractic to others.  It is the best thing I ever did for my low back pain.

Kevin H. says:

I was experiencing back pain that was interfering with my daily routine and after about four visits at the Arena Chiropractic Center I noticed improvement.  I would absolutely recommend Chiropractic to others.

George M. says:

A friend had recommended I go to Arena Chiropractic Center because I was experiencing low back and neck pain and the Doctors there helped him.  I did and after one visit I noticed improvement in my neck and lower back.  I also felt more active after being treated at Arena Chiropractic Center.  My adjustments keep me going with little or no pain.

Greg P. says:

I was having pain in my lower back everyday. After talking to a friend, I decided to make an appointment with Arena Chiropractic Center. I began treatment and after one week I was feeling better. I would truly recommend Dr. Arena. He was able to cure my back pain, and is just a great guy.

Sean C. says:

I decided to start treatment with Arena Chiropractic Center because I was having soreness in my back and neck at times. After a month or two, I was feeling fine. I am pleased with the care and refer them often.

Paul C. says:

I was suffering from neck pain, and other complications from a fractured back. The pain had gotten so bad that I wasn’t able to have contact with my children during our playtime. I spoke to my family and friends and they recommended that I seek chiropractic care. It only took two weeks to feel the improvement, once I began treatment with Arena Chiropractic Center.

LaRue M. says:

My neck and lower back pain was interfering with everyday life and I needed help. After receiving referrals to Arena Chiropractic Center, I began treatment, and was feeling better by week three. Not only did the care help my neck and lower back, but it also helped improve my overall health. Now I am the one giving referrals for chiropractic care!

Elizabeth W. says:

I had been bringing my husband in for care, and after seeing his results I decided to seek treatment for myself. I was experiencing back pain every day, which was causing limited mobility. I began to have relief around the third to fourth week of treatment with Dr. Arena. He has kept me going for almost nine years now, and I highly recommend him to others.

Jack H. says:

A close friend of mine recommended Dr. Arena to me almost nine years ago. I was being awaken at two o’clock in the morning because of my back. I was hurting so bad that it was also causing pain in my legs. I would have to get up in the middle of the night and pace the floors just hoping for relief. I noticed a change and felt relief at six to eight weeks. I am thankful for the care I received, as I have been better for years now and am able to do things that I wasn’t able to do before I began treatment nine years ago.

Betty H. says:

I have been receiving chiropractic care since I was in my early twenties. At times, I have lower back pain that interferes with my daily routine. At those times, I simply schedule an appointment at Arena Chiropractic Center and after one or two adjustments I am feeling and moving better.

Mildred G. says:

I live everyday with a severe case of scoliosis. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Arena after reading an article in TV Guide many years ago and felt better after just one week of treatment. I have recommended this center many times because chiropractic care is truly the best things that has happened for my scoliosis. The care has kept me out of a wheel chair on a permanent basis.

Donald D. says:

I was looking through the yellow pages about thirty years ago when I ran across Arena Chiropractic Center. At that time I was having headaches, and Dr. Arena was able to cure them. I also suffer from back problems, and by mid afternoon I am feeling very uncomfortable. The relief is most often immediate and comes once I drop in for a visit with Dr. Arena. I have also noticed that over time my condition has greatly improved overall. I recommend chiropractic care to everyone I know, and will always come in for visits at this office.

Marguerite S. says:

I was experiencing pain in my back and neck on a daily basis when my parents recommended that I begin treatment with Arena Chiropractic Center. After just a few treatments, I was feeling much better. Now I would recommend Dr. Arena and Dr. Biggs, due to the outcomes for the different things I have been treated for over the years.

Greg D. says:

After suffering from daily problems from a hip displacement, a chiropractor in Miami referred me to Arena Chiropractic Center. Within two months I noticed improvement with my hip and also with my physical overall health. I always recommend the doctors at Arena and I feel that everyone could benefit from their treatment, regardless of their health.

Karen C. says:

I suffer from neck pain and lower back pain with a deteriorating disc. I experience pain on a daily basis. Thanks to treatment from Arena Chiropractic Center and the immediate improvement from it, I am able to continue to my exercise routine that keeps me healthy. I strongly recommend chiropractic care to anyone with any kind of back or neck problems. Their care allows you to feel better without surgery.

Oscar G. says:

I was experiencing chronic back pain every day, so I decided to open the phone book to find help. I found Arena Chiropractic Center and after two months of treatment, I was feeling great. I had so much more energy and was able to perform activities. I would recommend the doctors at Arena. Not only are they knowledgeable of their practice, but they also care about their patients.

Kathy D. says:

I use to suffer from lower back pain that interfered with my life daily. I finally decided to open the phone book and call a chiropractor for help. I began seeing Dr. Biggs and had immediate results. I would strongly recommend chiropractic care based on my experience.

Margaret A. says:

I suffer from a slipped disk in my back, which causes me aggravation and pain every day. After speaking to family members, I decided to seek chiropractic help. I noticed improvement right away, not only in my back but also with my health in general. My adjustments keep me going and I would recommend others to give chiropractic care a try.

Martha B. says:

I was having headaches, and experiencing pain in my arms and back. I started my chiropractic care after hearing good things about the care through a radio ad. My problems were affecting me every day, but after three visits I was finally able to have some relief. I wish that I had began treatment a long time ago.

Julie C. says:

My family recommended me to get chiropractic care, due to a strained back that kept me from walking without being in pain. I started treatment and in just two weeks I was able to walk and bend without pain. Now I recommend chiropractic care to others.

Joseph B. says:

I was experiencing pain in my back and neck when my sister told me I should see a chiropractor. She told me that the adjustments would help, and she was right. After a few weeks, I was feeling much better.

Jimmy S. says:

I was suffering from a stick neck and pain every day. I had seen TV advertisements on chiropractic care and decided to give it a try. After two weeks, I was feeling better. Chiropractic care definitely helped me and I recommend it to others.

Doris H. says:

Thanks to family members and advertisements, I decided to seek care at Arena Chiropractic Center. I was suffering from backaches, tension headaches, fatigue, and was unable to turn my head very far from left to right. I immediately had relief and would most definitely recommend the care to others, as I have very positive feelings toward it.

Betty D. says:

My husband has used chiropractic care for years, and his encouragement influenced me to seek help for my neck and back problems. I was feeling better after three to four treatments. Now we both recommend people because we know that it helps.

Gina H. says:

Thanks to a relative I sought help for my lower back pain at Arena Chiropractic Center. I had relief after two weeks. I am pleased with my progress and would recommend Dr. Arena to other people.

Jean M. says:

I was suffering from neck and lower back pain, which was a daily aggravation. A friend of mine, who was also a patient, told me I should seek help at Arena Chiropractic Center. After two or three months, I felt better. Chiropractic care is great for someone with a problem or for someone who just needs to remove stress. It’s a great natural way to correct problems without drugs.

Brenda H. says:

I was having neck and lower back pain when I decided to get chiropractic help. After three appointments, I felt better. Chiropractic care is worth your time and money.

Amie U. says:

My attorney told me about chiropractic care and that it would help my neck and back pain. After two months, I noticed improvement. I feel great about chiropractic care, and it helped me so much that I would recommend it to others.

Nadine T. says:

I was experiencing lower back and leg pain every day when my husband told me to come get help from Arena Chiropractic Center. After only three adjustments I was feeling better.

Janet D. says:

A friend of mine told me that I should schedule a chiropractic appointment because of the headaches I was suffering from. So I did, and after three weeks I was better. Chiropractic care really helped me with my headaches and I am very pleased.

Maurine M. says:

I was having back problems and decided to begin treatment at Arena Chiropractic Center after seeing an ad in the Macon Telegraph. I noticed improvement after the first visit, as the pain started to go away. After each visit thereafter with Dr. Arena, I have been able to do my house work as a house wife should. I hope to continue with my treatments in the years to come. I feel that Dr. Arena has proven himself to me as a successful doctor.

Dot W. says:

I was suffering from pinched nerves and headaches when my daughter-n-law told me I should seek treatment from Dr. Arena. The pain that I felt every day was causing me to have no patience and to become easily irritated. I immediately had relief once I began treatment, and also found myself more relaxed and with more energy. I wish I had not waited as long as I did to seek help. My days are much better, as I no longer have headaches.

Duante L. says:

I was having pain in my legs and after talking to a friend, decided to start treatment at Arena Chiropractic Center. After one week I began to feel better. Chiropractic care can help relieve pain without expensive tests, medicine, and perhaps surgery.

Ricky C. says:

After seeing television advertisements and casual talk with a friend, I decided to seek help from Arena Chiropractic Center for my lower back pain. After a couple of visits, I was feeling better. I have been totally satisfied with the services of Dr. Arena and would highly recommend him.

Ruth S. says:

I was told that I needed to have an operation for the problems I was having with a pinched nerve. I decided to try chiropractic care first, and I am so glad I did. I noticed improvement within two weeks, and not only with my pinched nerve but also with my general health. If anyone is having trouble with a pinched nerve or other areas, I feel they should try being treated with chiropractic care prior to making the decision for surgery.

Karen C. says:

I was having back pain every day when I came to Arena Chiropractic Center. After two months, I was feeling much better. I always recommend chiropractic care. This is a great doctor’s office. They are very concerned for their patients and are very friendly.

Pam W. says:

My mother has been treated by Dr. Arena and recommended that I see him for my headaches. My headaches were, at times, so severe that I couldn’t focus my eyes, and were often accompanied by nausea. I began to feel better after one week of treatment. I also had some problems with stiffness in my neck and upper back, which have completely went away. Dr. Arena reveals a genuine concern for his patients, and is a doctor that I frequently recommend to others.